15 Brilliant Amish Cleaning Hacks

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No matter how much a hygiene lover you are,  cleaning isn’t something you would wish to spend dollars on. Living in this fast-paced environment, you might end up becoming a spendthrift under numerous scenarios (not being judgemental here), and maintaining cleanliness shouldn’t be one of them.

Although we’re unable to cut down much on our daily expenses, here’s a win-win situation for you. You can easily adapt some of the basic principles of Amish tradition.

Most of you must be aware that the Amish lifestyle emphasizes on using organic and natural products to perform everyday household chores like cleaning.

Cleaning with commercial products seems really expensive to me and so I am hinging on this alternative ever since I got to know about it.

You’ll be thrilled to know how layman’s ingredients can spin-off the whole cleaning spree for you. We’re going to share some Amish cleaning hacks you can try the next time you’re up for your springtime cleaning.

This is going to save you bucks and you know natural is always gentle to us and our environment as well!

15 Brilliant Amish Cleaning Hacks

1. Vinegar Disinfectant

Our toilet seats are loaded with way more bacteria than we could even think of! Let me unravel a unique and exceptionally well functioning disinfectant hidden in the things you have on hand.

Pour water and vinegar in a spray bottle, finish it off with a stem cutting of thyme. All of these ingredients put together can be used to disinfect your toilet seats and other areas. You’ll fall in love with its simplicity and chemically tame nature.

2. Olive Oil Cleaner

Your kitchen is a bombshell that can even knock out a treasure chest when it comes to unexpected surprises. One such surprising element is olive oil. Besides the accustomed culinary use, olive oil can also be used as a floor cleaner! ( Surprised much?)

Prepare a blend of vinegar, lemon juice, and olive oil in a bucket. Take this solution on the mop or a cotton pad and wipe off that filthy flooring.

3. Unclog Shower Heads

Got your shower head clogged up with the grime? Imagining a day without the shower is such a nightmare. You can easily unclog those showerheads in the Amish style.

Fill a plastic zipper bag with the white vinegar and wrap it all around the shower. Allow this setup to rest overnight and you’ll wake up to unrestricted water flow from your shower. Dive right on for a quick bathing session! Vinegar works as a wonderful cleaner!

4. Natural Cleaner For Floors

Another way to adapt the Amish formula of floor cleaning is here! In case you run short of the olive oil ( as mentioned previously ), you can turn to this recipe anytime.

Regular ingredients like warm water, vinegar, lemon juice, and grated soap when mixed together make an effective cleaner. You can’t be skeptical about its cleansing action, it can pin even the most stubborn stain down your floors. Try it yourself and witness the awesomeness by yourself.

5. Use Hooks To Unclog Sink

All the lips smacking meals you prepare add on to the solid residue that gets collected in the drainage pipe. This can cause hindrance in the flow of water out of the sink. 

Simply use crochet hooks to remove the dirt and other materials accumulated in the drainage pipe. The process is done manually and therefore you can handle it in your own way. This is the simplest cleaning hack I came across.

6. Natural Mothballs

Mothballs are an essential element of the ‘wardrobe storing’ process. Needless I mention the consequences of not using it.

Get a tad experiment and make your own mothballs at home. Mix almost the same quantity of cinnamon oil and cloves oil, make cotton balls and let them absorb this solution.

Place these mothballs in such a bag such that the contents of the balls get mixed up with the air and they’re ready to use.

7. Revive Tarnished Silver

Silver and other oxidized metal ornaments lose their shine and get tarnished over a period of time. You can’t just discard them away and plan on buying new ones every time.

Amish hack on the rescue! Apply baking soda and warm water on the affected surface. Let it rest for about 10 minutes and wipe it off using a dampened microfiber cloth. Baking soda will clear off the tarnish.

8. Clean Rugs

Rugs are pretty stiff-necked when it comes to cleaning them. No matter how hard you try, it’s never enough. However, your household ingredients together can make it happen.

Take borax, bay leaves, baking soda, and cornstarch in a mixer and blend them well. Pour this white colored powder on the rug and allow it to rest for at least two hours.

Vacuum clean it as usual and store the powder in a mason jar for future use.

9. Amish Mildew Remover

Have you ever wondered how the Amish people would manage the prevention of mildew without using toxic cleaners? Even if you didn’t, here’s the answer.

They use thyme essential oil, borax, and warm water to avoid the growth of mildew in their bathrooms. Simply mix a half cup of borax, four cups of warm water, and around fifteen drops of thyme essential oil. Store it in a spray bottle and use it whenever you need it.

10. Spots Remover

Some spots are more strong-headed than others and leave us toiling to remove them. For instance, the spots of glue on anything are a disaster. Well, the Amish people got this really effortless method to wash it.

They just apply white vinegar or peanut butter to clean these spots in the blink of an eye. Just scrape them all over and wipe down once you vanish the stain.

11. Milk Polish

Having leather accessories is all fun and games but they’re hands down difficult to manage. They lose their newness after a while and you just can’t see them deteriorating right in front of your eyes.

Try out this affordable hack to revive them! Take milk and rub it on the leather using a microfiber cloth to get rid of dullness and gloom. The commercial cleaners might cost you a lot but this is going to be absolutely inexpensive.

12. Amish Citrus Solution

This Amish citrus solution can do wonders in your home! Here’s how you can prepare it:

Boil water and white vinegar together, add orange or lemon peels into it. Fill the mixture in a spray bottle and allow it to rest overnight. Tadaa, Your magical spray is ready to rock! With its use, you can keep insects and bay and deodorize the whole environment.

13. Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol can do a lot more than you can imagine. It can rub off even the most adamant stains like glue. Another notable use if rubbing alcohol is in removing hairspray and spots from your mirror.

You know the restlessness of looking at a spotted mirror. Just clear them off by applying rubbing alcohol directly to the spotted area and see the magic taking place.

14. Use Vinegar to Unclog Drains

In case you don’t have a crochet hook or similar equipment, you can use this painless Amish hack. All you need is a cup for measurement and some basics.

Pour a cup of baking soda and six cups of boiled white vinegar. Cover up the sink for a few minutes and let the debris suffer for a while. The chemical reaction between the baking soda and white vinegar results in the formation of vigorous effervescence. This will push out all the clutter in your pipe.

15. All-purpose Amish Cleaner

You must have an all-purpose Amish cleaner handy with you. This simple recipe is going to ameliorate your way of living and is definitely going to change your perception towards cleaning.

Add equal proportions of borax and boiled water in a container. Mix it well to get a transparent liquid and store it in a spray bottle. Make sure to label the bottle distinguishing it from the rest of your supplies. Borax is an all-purpose cleaner.

These are a few methodologies that I personally admired, you can create some on your own. All it takes is some basic supplies and you’re ready with eco-friendly cleaners.

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