Have you ever wondered how to style a coffee table? I recently styled my coffee table and I thought I would show you exactly how I did it and how you can re-create it in your home. By using this step by step approach you’ll be able to style your coffee table like the pros! Create an Instagrammable coffee table using this step by step guide.

How to Decorate your coffee table

1. Establish A Color Scheme

The first thing you need to do when decorating your coffee table is to establish a color scheme. I tend to use a lot of white mixed with brown (hello large brown leather sofa) and hints of black. I tried to replicate these neutral colors into my coffee table styling. Color is really important when establishing a cohesive design and its a great staring point for styling a coffee table.

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How to guide to decorate your coffee table

2. Use A Tray to Style A Coffee Table

Tray’s are a must when styling a coffee table. They help group objects together and create a focal point for your table top. Trays anchor your coffee table decor and break up the large surface area. They are also really practical. If you’re hosing a few friends, its really easy to pick up the tray and move it to create more table top space.

How to decorate your coffee table

3. Incorporate Books

Books are a great coffee table accessory for layering. Creating layered heights encourages your eye to dance around and take everything in.

How to style a coffee table

4. Use Candles to Decorate A Coffee Table

OK but seriously why doesn’t love a candle? I always use candles when styling coffee tables. They create an intimate ambiance and beautiful fragrance. I love walking into a space that smells amazing and candles are a great way to do that. Candles also add layered lighting which adds to whatever mood you’re trying to portray in your living room.

Coffee table styling 101

5. Add Height

Incorporating a vase with either fresh flowers or dried mini pompous grass like I have, is a great way to add height to your coffee table decor.

The easiest formula to style your coffee table perfectly

6. Add Personal Objects

My favorite and MOST important element when deciding how to style a coffee table is personal objects! I could arguably say that everything in my home is personal to me and my coffee table decor is no exception. I’ve used a string of beads I picked up on one of my trips to India, and a dried crab shell from a recent coastal vacation. Personal objects used in coffee table styling is a great conversation starter and it opens up your guests to whats most important to you.

How to style your coffee table