8 Creative DIY Spring Porch Decorating Ideas You Must Try

When spring comes, blooms and greenery are so fresh. It will be a nice thing to inspire you in decorating your house, especially the porch. It doesn’t matter whether the porch is wide or not. Still, you can embellish it with the decoration that you can do by yourself. Just utilize the things around you, so you’ll have a simple and inexpensive spring decoration for the porch. Just try it!

1. An Old Aluminum Kettle and LED light

You can use an old kettle that is usually used as flower-watering become a spring decoration. Combine it with LED light so that it look like teapot. Support it by using a stand and tie the teapot to the supporting stand with a slope of 90 degrees. It aims to make it look like you are watering neatly aligned flowers underneath.


2.Layered Cactus Planters

Then with a flower planter that resembles a large bowl made of clay. You can plant several types of cactus in one container and consists of three double pots arranged neatly. It’s very nice to place in the porch as a spring decoration. To look nicer, add some pebbles at the ground around the layered planter.


3. Decorative Pebbles

Beside flowers and plants that are usually identical for spring decoration, this decorating idea is quite unique for you to try. Decorative pebbles will help you to make a simple and inexpensive decoration for the porch or front yard. Trust me, you can do it by yourself in your leisure. You just need to prepare some large and painted pebbles.


4. A Unique Wheel Planter

If you have an old wooden wheel that is not used, it will be a good idea to try. Only with some modifications you make a unique planter for flower that is made of wood. It’s not only unique, but also natural, simple and nice. Just try to make it for your spring porch decoration.


5. Layered Wooden Fountain

Fountain decoration you can make by carving the three pieces of lodging wood become layered fountain. It is easy to make and very nice to try. Not only the shape, the sound of the water rustling in tune very calm and soothing your mind. Place it in the porch or yard, so you’ll enjoy it very much.


6. Decorative Snake Made of Tyre

The first impression you get is varied. You may be scared or interested because this decorative snake made of Tyre is unique and attractive. As I mentioned before, may be at first glance it looks like a big snake but the decoration is actually a recycle of some car tires. It just need some modification, paint and carving to look creative.


7. Creative Legging Planter

Decorative plants with a unique look because in each planter has a pair of fake feet. Some creative design of pants and shoes look very cute and unique. You can try to make it by preparing mannequins, planter, colorful paint. And then, place them on each stair of your front porch.


8. Hanging Planter and Blooms

And the last idea is hanging planter decoration with the beautiful flowers. Just hang them on the wall around the porch. It can be an option for those of you who like decorations that look neat and varied. I think, this is the easiest DIY spring porch decoration you can try at home.


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