{art by} Elissa Barber


Minimalists will fall in love with the artwork of Elissa Barber, an artist who creates continuous line art. If you’re not familiar with singular line art, it is the practice of drawing using one continuous line. Ellsworth Kelly is one of the more famous modern artists to popularize this practice. The style results in a minimalist, simple drawing that can show anything from flowers, to nature, to human beings or faces.

See some of my favorite artwork by Elissa Barber below and shop her work on her site!

Elissa Barber_2

Elissa Barber_3

Elissa Barber_4

Elissa Barber_5

Elissa Barber_6

Elissa Barber_7

Elissa Barber_8

Elissa Barber_9

Elissa Barber_10

Elissa Barber_1

Images via @elissabarber

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