No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas You Need To Try This Fall

With fall rapidly approaching, its time to start thinking about how to decorate your home for fall. I’ve rounded up the best no carve pumpkin decorating ideas you need to try this fall. No carve pumpkin’s have been popular over the past few years and I think this trend is here to stay. With no carve pumpkins you can forget the mess of carving and tacky jack-o-lanterns. Paint or embellish your own adorable pumpkin this fall season instead!

Fresh Floral No Carve Pumpkin Decorating

Painted black pumpkin decorated with fresh flowers.

I am loving the subtle spooky vibe with this totally chic fresh flower Pumpkin from The Merry Thought. After painting the pumpkin flat black, they drilled holes in the shape of a moon crescent. Then they inserted fresh cut flowers into the holes creating the cutest flower moon. Fresh flowers will only hold up for about two days, switch them up for faux flowers if you want this fall decor to last longer.

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Splatter Paint Pumpkin

Jackson Pollock Splatter Paint Pumpkin decor

Bring out your inner Jackson Pollock with these DIY splatter paint pumpkins. Perfect for minimal home decor lovers and people who are looking for non-traditional Halloween decor. Not only does this DIY look like SO MUCH FUN, these little splatter pumpkins can be painted any color you want! That’s my favorite thing about DIY projects, YOU get to decide what color you want to introduce in your home. Check out the full tutorial here.

Painted Floral Pumpkin

Painted floral no carve pumpkin

This pink floral pumpkin is one of many painted pumpkin designs by PMQ for Two. Her creativity is so inspiring, and I am in love with her pumpkin display. Check out her post for more chic fall decor inspiration. If you love color, you’ll love her!

Napkin Covered No Carve Pumpkin Decorating

No carve pumpkin decorated with a napkin.

Absolutely no skill is required to decorate these beautiful blue patterned pumpkins. The genius behind the Stone Gable Blog came up with the idea to wrap a napkin around a pumpkin using modge podge. This Halloween craft brings be back to paper mache days in elementary school and I’m not mad about it. If painting isn’t your thing, try using a beautiful napkin to decorate your pumpkin with!

Painted No Carve Pumpkin

Painted no carve pumpkin party

If you’re digging non-traditional Halloween decor, you need to check out this post by Think Make Share Blog that was published last season. I for one am loving these bold and bright painted pumpkins and I’m inspired to get some girlfriends together and host a painting pumpkin party!

DIY Donut Painted Pumpkin

DIY donut painted pumpkin

I am so in love with these donut painted pumpkins by Studio DIY. A super fun fall decor idea that is guaranteed to bring joy to your home this Halloween!

Neon Stem No Carve Pumpkin

Neon pumpkin fall home decorating idea

Leave it to A Kalio Chic Life to breathe neon life into regular old pumpkins. These white pumpkins have gold splatter and the perfect amount of neon paint covering the stems. A fun pop of color never hurt anyone!

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