DIY Wall Decor Ideas For Your Home

Are your walls boring and empty? Fill them up with these DIY wall decor ideas! DIY wall decor is a great opportunity to personalize your home. The thing I love most about DIY projects is that they can be 100% custom. Perfect for displaying your favorite quotes, family photos, or just decorating with colors and finishes that match your home. Your walls should never be left bare, its time to personalize your home with wall decor!

Flower Wall Decor

DIY flower wall decor

Oh how fun is this accent wall? I just adore this flower wall from Sarah Belle, so perfect for Instagram photos! This DIY feature wall is made entirely of fake flowers fastened together with hot glue. Girl, you’re a genius! This is a great wall decor idea for a nursery, or even a baby shower!

Want to make a gallery wall but don’t know where to start? Get inspired by these Stunning Gallery Wall Ideas!

DIY Farmhouse Wood Signs

Farmhouse framed sign with a cute quote.

This is a great tutorial by Cami over at The Crafting Nook. These signs are pretty simple to make (and can be totally custom). You can take this sign idea and blow it up to hang above your sofa, over your bed, or down a hallway. Although I’m loving this farmhouse look you can pick any quote you like and make it your own! I used to make signs just like this of song lyrics and little alphabet stickers. Such a fun wall art craft idea.

Dream Catcher Inspired Wall Decor

DIY dream catcher inspired wall decor

I am loving all these DIY dream catchers popping up on Pinterest lately. An easy wall decor craft anyone can make. Simply knot yarn around an embroidery hoop and glue a few fake flowers around the edge. Super cute boho inspired decor for a narrow wall space. Check out the full tutorial here.

Hanging Basket Wall Decor

Hanging Basket Wall Decor

What a cute DIY project. I love the idea of picking up baskets while travelling and bringing them back to display on your walls. A little reminder of your adventures and the different cultures you’ve experienced. Hang your own baskets by following this tutorial by Mendez Manor.

Boho Clay Wall Hanging

Boho clay wall hanging DIY decor in a terracotta color.

This simple Wall hanging has me totally jazzed to make my own! I really enjoy working with clay and I think I’m going to try something similar with an air dry polymer clay. I adore the boho geometric half circles and yarn tassels hanging at the ends. The best part? You can get everything you need to make this clay wall hanging at the dollar store! My kind of DIY wall décor LOL. Head on over to the A Pair & A Spare blog to get the full scoop on how to create your own!

Polymer Moon Phase Wall Decoration

Marbled polymer clay moon phase DIY wall hanging

 This is a great craft project if you have a tall skinny wall space that’s lacking some decoration! This vertical moon phase wall décor is made by the ever creative Molly of Almost Makes Perfect. She’s got so many original polymer clay DIY’s. Seriously go check out her website! I need to try this awesome clay marbling technique Although I love the moon phase, astrology isn’t really my thing. I’m thinking I could cut out some letters and spell out something cute to hang vertically instead.

DIY Branch Photo Display

DIY hanging branch photo display wall decoration

It doesn’t get much easier than this driftwood photo display. A great mini DIY wall decor project to add photos of loved ones to your walls. I’m always disappointed when I visit people’s homes and they don’t have any photos of family or friends displayed. I know in today’s tech-based world its easy to forget about physical photos, but its so important! We should be able to look up from our phones every once in a while and enjoy the space were in. Maybe if we had actual photos displayed in our homes, we wouldn’t need to spend so much time on Instagram….Hmmm, food for thought. (OK sorry rant over) Anyways, this DIY wall décor from Cocorrina is so easy to make! Simply print out your photos, go crazy with a hole puncher, and string them together! Finally you’ll tie your sting of photos to your favorite branch. What? You don’t have a favorite branch? Go outside and get one!

A spoon full of wall decor

Dip painted spoon DIY wall art

This cheap and easy DIY project is brought to you by the twin sisters over at A Joyful Riot . They thrifted a bundle of spoons and dip painted them in neon colors for a pop of fun in their kitchen. What a great way to combine vintage with modern! I think this is a great DIY wall decor project for people living in a modern space but want to mix in a vintage vibe. Totally digging this DIY wall art for the kitchen.

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