7 Parisian Style Gold Mirrors to Say “Oui” to

Parisian mirror in Paris apartment with fireplace and beige leather chairs via @abkasha


Parisian apartments are known for their stunning gilded mirrors that rest above their fireplaces – often built into the walls themselves. But don’t worry, even if you don’t have your own Parisian flat, you can still find a Parisian style gold mirror to make your home a little more chic.

Here are a few of our favorite gold Parisian mirrors from Amazon:

Parisian Mirrors

Here are seven gorgeous Parisian style mirrors for your home from our favorite trusted home decor retailers.

1. Gleaming Primrose Mirror

This mirror is immensely popular! I see it all over Pinterest and Instagram, in all three sizes offered! It’s not cheap, but could be a good investment if you’re serious about decorating your home in the Parisian style. $448-$1,548

Parisian Style Mirror - Gleaming Primrose Mirror

2. Beaudry Mirror

If you love the look of the Gleaming Primrose Mirror, but can’t stomach the price, then the Beaudry mirror is perfect for you. At a much more affordable price, this Parisian mirror brings all the same French charm! $321.75-$429

Parisian Mirror - Beaudry Mirror

3. Gold Arch Traditional Mirror

The traditional style of this mirror is perfect for any Parisian style bathroom or entryway needing a mirror! $318

Parisian Mirror - Gold Arch Wall Mirror

4. Josephine Mirror

Another top pick from Anthropologie, this rectangular Parisian mirror is a beautiful choice. $348- $898

Parisian Mirrors - Josephine Mirror

5. Romero Accent Mirror

This mirror is vaguely reminiscent of the Hollywood Regency style that became popular in the early 20th century. However, the gold frame of this mirror gives it a true Parisian charm. $182

Parisian Mirrors - Romero Accent Mirror

6. Wooded Manor Mirror

Wit a thin bronze brass frame and large animal motif at the top center, this Parisian mirror is the perfect addition to your French home. $548

Parisian Mirrors - Wooded Manor Mirror

7. Rectangle Gold Wall Mirror

This minimalist Parisian wall mirror is perfect for adding a touch of Parisian charm that blends in well to your existing decor. $230

Parisian Mirrors - Rectangle Gold Wall Mirror

I hope you found these Parisian mirrors to your liking!

7 Parisian Mirrors to give your home a chic French charm

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