20 Ultra-Glamorous Venetian Mirrors


Venetian Mirror with Floral Wallpaper via Shophouse Design

Shophouse Design

There are few things in life more glamorous than a venetian mirror. They are super easy to decorate with as they don’t have frames, meaning they go with just about any color scheme. Their beveled and curved edges are the work of true artisanship.

A Quick History of Venetian Mirrors

Since the 16th century, the Venetians have been masters at perfecting mirrors and today they are celebrated for their elegant and detailed designs. They introduced a new method for mirror-making, choosing to use lead glass for its clarity, thus crowning Venice the epicenter of mirror production. Centuries ago, glass mirrors were a luxury only afforded to the wealthy upper class. What’s more, the mirrors were quite small at only 40 inches (100 cm) wide! It is said that a noble once traded an entire field for just one luxurious Venetian mirror…

While Venetian mirrors are still known to be quite expensive these days, I’ve rounded up twenty gorgeous Venetian-style mirrors most of which cost less than $500. Keep scrolling for gorgeous images of my favorite venetian mirror inspiration!

Decorating with Venetian Mirrors

Venetian mirrors are most popular in the bathroom, though they can bring glamour to just about any room. I think they work best in front of a solid colored wall like grey, white or pink, but they can work on a patterned wall as well, as seen above. Pairing two twin mirrors together is a lovely idea for double the elegance. Marble is a popular choice for the sinks below the mirrors. Add wall lighting on either side of the mirror to reflect the light into the room. Another popular place for a Venetian mirror is above the fireplace for all to see!

Pink Bathroom with Venetian Mirror

Andrea Murao

Twin Venetian Mirrors via Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck

Venetian Mirror in Light Blue Bathroom


Venetian Mirrors via Paloma Contreras

Paloma Contreras

Venetian Mirror via Hendel Homes

Hendel Homes

Coventry Gray Bathroom by Studio McGee

Studio McGee

Bathroom Venetian Mirror via Christine Dovey

Christine Dovey

Venetian Mirror via Amy Studebaker Design

Amy Studebaker Design

Venetian Mirror via Bear-Hill Interiors

Bear-Hill Interiors

Venetian Mirror via Heather Scott Design

Heather Scott Design

Venetian Mirror with Marble Sink

Style At Home

Pink Bathroom via Domino


Venetian Mirror via Domaine


Venetian Mirror Bathroom via Brooks & Falotico

Brooks & Falotico

London Bathroom Venetian Mirror via Alidad Ltd & Studio Alidad

Studio Alidad

Designer Venetian Mirror via Boca do Lobo

Boca do Lobo

Venetian Mirror with Pink Wallpaper via Paloma Contreras

Paloma Contreras

Venetian Mirrors via Laura U Design

Laura U Design

Have you used venetian mirrors in your home?

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