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If you’re a regular reader or follower you’ll know how much I love my wall art. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to it, and have written many posts about it both here and on other brand sites. It’s one of my passions and something that makes a house a home for me.

When Zazzle asked me to collaborate with them on a project I was thrilled to discover we could create something unique and personal for my walls. So in this post I’m going to show you how to use the Zazzle website to customise their products before you buy, and how to create a very cool little wall gallery feature.

Zazzle wall collageThe Zazzle marketplace is huge, so I’d recommend having an idea on what you’re after before you start searching. After a little browsing I’d decided on customising some poster prints from this section here. And I knew I wanted them to be personal to us, and be colourful to co-ordinate with our lounge decor. Blues, yellows, purples with lots of white space would look best.

1. Let the Adventure Begin:

Holidays and travel have been particularly important to us in the last few years so this one was perfect. Except it needed a little colour for my scheme. This is how it looked on the initial screen.

The adventure begins poster beforeThe Zazzle platform easily lets you customise most artwork, so it was simple to change the background colour to yellow so it worked better with my colour choices. You might like it plain or simple, or you could add your own colour. I just love the pop of colour which will tie into my existing decor.

The adventure begins poster after

2. XOXOX Gold Glitter:

I’m not sure what it was about this print that caught my eye, but something did! Using the editing features, I enlarged the text and moved it slightly to give it a little personalisation. That’s what I love about Zazzle, you only need a little tweak sometimes to feel like you’ve stamped your mark on something.

XOXOX Gold Glitter print

3. The Stag

Oh when I saw this I just knew it was for me. The colours, the imagery, and the ability to add our family name in a cool and quirky way were perfect. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while and it just jumped out at me.

Stag poster beforeIt was really easy to change the text. Simply click the button and this text box comes up

Stag poster customisationAnd then hey presto, it updates the image with your chosen text. You can also change sizing on any of these posters so I made a little drawing or map to show how I might like to display them (and considered where I’d get the frames that wouldn’t cost too much either) before selecting the right sizes.

Stag post after

4. Plain Poster Holiday Photo

We recently came back from a stunning holiday in Mauritius (you can read more about that here) and the trip was so memorable I wanted to put a favourite photograph up on the wall. This plain poster option enables you to upload your own image, and then crop and centre it to fit the size. I liked this elongated shape and thought it would sit well at the bottom of the collage.

plain poster before

Adding my own image of this remarkeble sunset on the horizon was easy enough, simply wait for it to upload and then customise.

plain poster after

I found frames for a couple of the posters at The Range which were really inexpensive, but had to order a few off the internet. They all cost about £40 in total which is really good, and the posters were just over £45. So less than £100 for this stunning, bespoke wall gallery. What do you think? I’m absolutely thrilled with it. (Apologies for the reflections, it’s opposite a large window and it was a sunny day!)

Wall collageIf you’re looking for something interesting for the home that you can customise easily, do check out the Zazzle website and marketplace, and be prepared to lose hours of your time browsing. There’s absolutely something for everyone.

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